Anti Cellulite Cup

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Without expensive trips to the beauty therapist. These anti-cellulite cups let you enjoy the same skin-smoothing techniques performed by skilled beauticians but from the comfort of your own home. It's easy to do and clinically proven to enhance the appearance and elasticity of your skin.

  • Natural and hypoallergenic: made of medical silicone, chemical free, fragrance-free, no allergies

  • There is no infection and pain in treating diseases

  • The technique is safe and credible

Apply your moisturizing cream or massage oil to the area where you will be using your suction cup. The suction cup should slide along your skin.

Get the air out of the suction cup by pinching it with your fingers.

Whilst retaining the pressure on the suction cup, place it on the area you will be massaging.

Once the suction cup has been placed in contact with your skin, release the pressure with your fingers. Your skin is now sucked in to the suction cup and the removal of fatty deposits can begin.

Massage the zone you wish to tone up, making circular movements. Do this for 1 minute.

Slide the suction cup from the bottom to the top of the area you are stimulating. Once it reaches the top, unstick the suction cup and repeat the movement. Do this for 3 minutes. Note: be careful not to make ‘down-up-down’ movements.

Once you have finished treating this area, get air back into the suction cup in order to unstick it from your skin.


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